PureGreen24, EPA registered Disinfectant to kill the Human Coronavirus

PureGreen24, EPA registered Disinfectant to kill the Human Coronavirus

New York, NY January 31, 2020

Pure Green LLC, distributor of PureGreen24, Disinfectant and
Deodorizer, provides an update

PureGreen24 is EPA listed to kill the Human Coronavirus. World Health
Organization (WHO)

This is the disinfectant we have always used.

Pure Green, LLC is the distributor of PureGreen24 disinfectant and deodorizer. PureGreen24 is registered by the Federal EPA; your only choice for a proven “green” disinfectant. Pure Green, LLC is dedicated to reducing health risks caused by exposure to viruses, fungi and bacteria without endangering humans and animals during the disinfecting process. PureGreen24 kills Human Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, VRE and Staph, yet also kills common household germs and is safe for use in the presence of children and animals. PureGreen24 is based on a patented Silver Ion technology that is a true “green” disinfectant with unprecedented 24 hour effectiveness. PureGreen24 is safe enough to use on children toys without rinse and is odorless.

We have also increased our cleaning frequency Door handles, payment screens, etc.

There have been no known cases of pet to human transmission. Pets do not get sick nor display symptoms from COVID-19.

We appreciate your loyalty.

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